MediaHaven a media asset management platform for any organization that wants to professionally manage and distribute its audio-visual material for marketing, training, and external and internal communication. The user interface is designed to support novice as well as expert users in managing their media content. Mediahaven is available as both a SaaS solution and a custom installation. 

MediaHaven is developed by Zeticon as a state of the art highly versatile multimedia asset management solution. All kinds of files – multimedia, graphic or office files – can be stored and managed together with metadata describing those files. MediaHaven is the ideal solution for fast and handy asset management of file-based multimedia content. MediaHaven helps you manage, store, share, retrieve, browse, and distribute media files throughout your organization and that of your partners. Its openness ensures a smooth integration with existing working environments.

MediaHaven is available as a Software as a Service for a yearly fee. No local software installation is required and you're ready to go in an instant. This Software as a Service solution scales with your needs, start small and grow as needed. Private SaaS solutions with hosting inside your datacenter are available as well.

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Mediahaven Box

Mediahaven Box is an easy plug and play system that gives you access to the same professional media asset management suite that broadcasters use.

Use MediaHaven Box to find, catalog and share your files locally or with a specific online audience.

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Photoshop Extension

Did you know that an Adobe Photoshop plugin for Mediahaven is available? The plugin enables you to import images from Mediahaven, edit them in Photoshop and upload the edited version back to Mediahaven. Stop by our booth at one of the Events or request your personal demo.